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Curtin University
Biodiversity and Climate Group

About Us

Forrest Landscape

The Biodiversity and Climate Group, under the directorship of Professor Grant Wardell-Johnson brings together outstanding biodiversity researchers from across the biophysical and social sciences, within Curtin and beyond. Our common goal is to understand biodiversity and how it is being impacted by human activity, particularly climate change.

Biodiversity underpins the ecological, economic and social well-being of our world. It is the variety of life, from genes to ecosystems. South-western Australia is Australia’s only internationally recognised global biodiversity hotspot, with high levels of endemism (organisms that only occur here) and facing severe pressure from human impact. The local region is therefore a significant focus for CIBC, however our research encompasses work across the state and has broader relevance on a national and global scale.

In addition to core disciplines from the biological sciences, other fields such as economics, sociology, anthropology and law all impact on biodiversity. Yet these systems are seldom considered in an integrated way. Our approach, which considers and integrates these often disparate research areas, and also includes input beyond academia, delivers better outcomes, than more traditional, disciplinary specific approaches.

CIBC has five objectives:

  1. Build biodiversity research capacity.
  2. Have a ‘one-stop-shop’ for biodiversity research at Curtin.
  3. Create synergies in biodiversity research.
  4. Forge strong and enduring partnerships.
  5. Positively influence society.

These are being met through high quality research projects, strategic collaborations across discipline areas as well as partnerships with industry, agencies and communities; mentoring of early career researchers and post-graduate students; and publications, events and other communications to effectively disseminate research results.

CIBC is located in an area with a wide range of social, cultural and economic values in addition to its recognised global biodiversity value, and which is home to most of WA’s residents. It therefore has a unique and important opportunity to investigate biodiversity and the application of existing and emerging analytical techniques in the context of the complex social, economic and cultural concerns of the population.

CIBC provides a world-class skill set to make a difference.